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Not only do BS Embroidery Plus provide one of the largest ranges of workwear for a variety of industries, but we also offer an in-house embroidery, digitising & printing service too. See below for full pricing on embroidery and printing, and also some help on using the customisation process during the checkout.  If you have a complicated order or would just like us to add the logo's to your order for you, then call our Paul or Gary on 01579 345562 who will be happy to advise you.

Help Using the Customiser

You can now add customisations to most items online.  You can add simple text in a variety of fonts and colours or you can upload your own logo.  You can have the design printed or embroidered, depending on the suitability of the garment - the customisation process will let you know which processes are available on a particular product.  You can also see this on a product page - it will show prices for printing and embroidery next to the the plain garment pricing only if that method is available.

To get started, add all of the products you require to your basket and proceed to checkout.  On the basket page, click the large orange button labelled 'Customise your items'. If you would like to add a logo, click on the 'Upload Logo' tab.  If you'd like to add your own text to your garments, select the 'Add Text' tab.

Embroidery Pricing

Embroidery is priced on the number of stitches in the design.  The website will always assume your embroidery to be of 'standard' size which is up to 8000 stitches and charge according.  When we have received your order and artwork, we will calculate the number of stitches in the design and may need to contact you for any additional charge if your logo falls into the 'Large' or 'Extra Large' logo brackets below.

Text Embroidery

Text embroidery will almost always be less than 8000 stitches and so charged as a 'standard' embroidery.  There is no setup charge for text in one of our standard fonts - if you need a custom font then this will be treated as a logo embroidery (see below).  We will send you a PDF approval page, showing your text exactly as it will embroider and the exact stitch count for you to approve before we proceed.

Logo Embroidery

The first stage of embroidering any logo is to convert the image you provide into an embroidery file.  This is often known as 'digitising' This creates a file which tells the embroidery machines where to stitch, what thread to use, the stitch type and the stitch angle.  This is a time consuming and skilled process and therefore is subject to a one off setup fee of £10.00 + VAT.  This is only charged on the first order, once we have the logo setup it can be used indefinitely on repeat orders without another setup charge.  By uploading a logo, you are explicitly telling us that you have have permission to use it - please do not upload copyrighted or other artwork if you do not have the owners permission.

When we have digitised your logo, we will send you a PDF approval page, showing your logo exactly as it will embroider and the exact stitch count for you to approve before we proceed.  We will also embroider the logo onto a swatch of fabric and scan an image which will also be sent to you for approval.  Now we have the accurate stitch count, the logo will be costed as the tables below.  The website checkout will only ever charge for a 'standard' size logo (as it cannot know the stitch count), so if your design has more than 8000 stitches we will contact you for any additional amount due.


All printing is now available from £1.25! per application

Printing gives you many advantages: it's durable and it can create unique and complex designs using extremely vivid colours.

We use either Digital Printing (DTG), Sublimation Printing & Vynil Printing to create the best finish for each and every order. 

Flexibility: We have no minimum order size. You can order as many or as few items as you requires.

Heat Seal Transfer

Heat seal transfers are perfect for personalising lots of different items, such as initials or numbers on a football kit. We can create many different finishes and effects to meet your exact requirements. Contact us today 01579 345562 to find out more.